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Gastonia, NC
1989 Chevy Grumman Olsen

Mileage: 20,000 on newly built engine
Contact name: Brooke Queen

This 1989 Chevy Grumman Olsen is in excellent condition, has been fully restored and converted into a fashion truck, and is ready to hit the streets with your product! Newer engine was installed in 2016 and has only 20,000 miles. In good condition, the stepvan measures 22 feet in length, 8 feet in width, and features a ceiling height of 9 feet - making it accessible to everyone short and tall! Diesel engine, manual transmission, backup camera and navigation system.

The boutique’s interior is lined with hardwood floors and features custom cabinets, LED track lighting, under cabinet lighting, shelves, hanging racks that hold up to 2,000 pieces, a dressing room, a cash wrap, and a brand new AC unit that keeps cool air flowing throughout the boutique. There are steps that lead to the back entry which features both roll up and French doors. A power outlet has been installed on the exterior of the truck and is able to plug into a generator or power cord. 


Los Angeles, CA
1993 Ford Step Van

Mileage: 70,000
Contact: Angelica Curtis

This 1993 Ford E39/350 Cutaway Cab Step Van is a 18ft Box Truck that has been fully renovated and only has 70,000 miles! Truck is in good condition and features a gas engine, automatic transmission and rear wheel drive. Recent mechanical repairs include: new spark plugs and wires, new coil, new rotor, repaired valve and transmission leaks, rear brakes have been adjusted, one new rear tire (other tires are in fair condition) and a recent oil change. Exterior of truck features a new wrap job valued at $3,800. Would need to replace company decals, logo and contact information.

Boutique section measures approximately 12ft in length, 6 ft in width, and features a red, black and white interior color scheme. White French doors open to a fold out deck with removable railing. Deck folds up and locks while driving. Custom stairs may need to be built; current stairs is a step ladder. White slat walls line the interior and are adorned with black display fixtures and feature outfacing straight and waterfall, railing, and shelving option. Black built in storage boxes cover the wheel wells and are ideal for storing extra inventory and hangers. Boutique can hold over 100 items when open for business. New laminate flooring in a light wood color. Additional items include black track lighting that runs on both sides, a dressing room with a brass rod and black curtain, and a sales counter with brass top and cubby box for storage. Power outlets are available on both sides of the truck, as well as a front outlet for the generator and extension cord. Generator can be placed outside, under the deck, running the extension cord into the truck. Generator is quiet and can be operated for a cell phone.

Also included:
·         2 white chairs for the deck
·         1 back up chair for inside
·         Tissue paper and bags (white)
·         Mirror and side table
·         Display fixtures and shelving
·         Cleaning supplies
·         Ryobi 2300 watt Bluetooth generator ($699 value)
·         Standing Fan
·         Curtains & Dressing Room Curtain

·         Extension cords and power bar


PHOENIX, AZ1991 Chevrolet P30 Step Van
Mileage: 122,000
Contact: Carol Horton
Phone: (602) 410-6151

$20,000 REDUCED!!! $25,000


Automatic Chevy step van in good conditions measures 18 ft long x 9 ft high x 7.5’ wide with an 8 cylinder J 6.2L MFI Diesel OHV engine. Hydraulic brake system (brakes replaced approximately 1 year ago), power steering and newer tires with approximately 30k miles. Dash light is out, brake lights stay on and reverse lights need to be replaced (current owner having looked at by mechanic).

Recent mechanical includes:- O Ring Replacement ($150)- Oil change ($45)- Air filter ($75)- Tension Pulley ($400)- Alignment ($75)- New tires ($500)The boutique measures approximately 10ft in length with an all wood interior, AC unit, track lighting, wood floors, a Victorian style tin ceiling, and dressing room with full size mirror. The left side has 3 cubbies with a built in clothing rack, storage and open shelf for displaying product. Right side is slat board, allowing changing designs for racks and shelves. A built in 3 shelf unit displays smaller items such as jewelry and features storage below. Plenty of storage above the wheel wells are great for hiding outdoor lights, shopping bags, hangers etc.
NOTE: the following items are NOT included in sale of the truck but are available:- Honda EU 2000 Generator- Hangers, stock bins, display items

- Master cylinder ($1,200)
- Transmission line ($250)- Brakes ($500)



2000 GMC Work Horse Step Van
REDUCED!!! $19,000  $25,000 

Contact: Dick Thompson
2532 Bransford Ave.
Nashville, TN 32704
(615) 750-5324

This fashion truck was built for the men, and what a handsome fashion truck he is! 2000 GMC Work Horse step van measures 24’ L x 9’5” H (with AC on top) x 7’3” W. In fair condition, enjoy an automatic transmission, gas engine 5.7 liters with an odometer that reads 200K (per Seller most of the engine was rebuilt in 2015). Driver’s cab shows normal age wear & tear.

The boutique’s interior measures 15’5” L x 6’8” H x 6’10” W and features a gray and white color scheme with one striped accent wall. There are four (4) hanging racks that each hold 25 suits, 2 display shelves for accessories, a dressing room, a built in bench and laminate floors. You’ll also receive 3 mannequins! A built in light fixture is housed on the ceiling and electrical can be run on a standard 110 plug or generator (generator not included in sale). Current branding and logo must be removed upon transfer of vehicle to new owner.


Retail Truck For Sale!

REDUCED - $34,000 (originally $38,500)
2000 Freightliner Utilimaster
105,025 miles
Contact: Blake L

This V8 automatic fashion truck has a new gas engine (2013) w/ approximately 30,000 miles and features an 18ft cargo space. Truck measures 26 ft total length.  Truck is in good condition with almost new tires and features AC/Heat, jump seat and all gauges in working condition.


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