American Mobile Retail Association has been providing webinars and consulting services specific to the mobile retail industry since 2011! Innovators in our field, in 2011 we released the first ever webinar on mobile retail titled "How to Launch Your Mobile Retail Business." which has assisted over 1,000 business owners to start and grow their mobile businesses.

In 2015, we expanded our services to include event planning and tour scheduling! Let us help schedule your statewide tour or local routine calendar. Regardless of budget, we can help get your truck into profitable selling locations and build your truck's calendar.

Whether you're already operating a mobile retail business, or are starting the process of opening one, we  have a variety of free and paid services to help you along your journey. Visit our Resources page and YouTube channel for free informative tips and a step-by-step process to opening your own mobile retail business.

For a more in-depth, individualized approach, we offer monthly webinars and 1-on-1 services focused on both the startup and day-to-day operations of a mobile retail business. Our team of consultants come with over 50 combined years of both traditional and mobile retail experience, and are seasoned in truck tours and monthly calendars, merchandising, buying, marketing, branding and public relations.

Unsure if you need to schedule a 1-on-1 Industry Expert Consultation? Or have a quick questions? Schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation! 
To schedule with Stacey Jischke-Steffe, access the calendar at

With over 1,000 "truckpreneurs" assisted since 2011, our consulting services will save you time and money, and will prepare you for a successful and profitable mobile retail business. If you're seeking assistance with legislation in your city/state, please contact (213) 785-4783 or


"Start a Fashion Truck Business" 
A cliff notes version of the American Mobile Retail Association’s small business educational series, our live fashion truck startup webinar is hosted live by the founders of the country’s first permanent store on wheels, Le Fashion Truck! Co-owners Stacey Jischke-Steffe and Jeanine Romo have been in business for 5 1/2 years with their Los Angeles-based fashion truck, and knows what it takes to get started on a limited budget and a focus on do-it-yourself practices.
Our original startup webinar, “How to Launch a Mobile Retail Business” has been revised to offer a faster, more affordable alternative for aspiring truckpreneurs. Gain all the necessary tools, tips and tricks to starting your own store on wheels! Learn about writing a business plan, researching licenses and permits, registering your business, startup costs, monthly budget, finding the truck, converting the interior, POS systems, inventory control, day-to-day operations, and helpful tips! Includes an extensive summary guide and worksheet to guide you along the way!
Sign up here.
DATE: Sunday, October 22, 2017
TIME: 9am PDT/12pm EDT
FEE: $45
Please note this service is only available as a live webinar until further notice.

"Creating the Customer Experience"
Securing new and repeat customers for your retail business
Hosted by Sheneka Gordon, owner of Out of My Kloset Mobile Boutique. Sheneka has a background in management lead positions in retail and has been previously employed by Wet Seal, Dooney & Bourke, Kenneth Cole and more. Sheneka is very passionate about both mobile retail and the fashion industry and conducts ongoing research and forecasting fashion trends to stay up with the latest. Out of My Kloset Mobile Boutique was featured on the popular daytime talk show “The Real” in the fall of 2014, and her ongoing success can be attributed to her philosophy that all customers should receive impeccable service, quality products and a positive shopping experience. “Without happy customers, we are non-existent.”  Sheneka is also the AMRA Chapter Ambassador for the Inland Empire chapter in Southern California. Sign up here!
TIME: 10am PDT/1pm EDT (+ 30-minute Q&A session)
FEE: $45/person
Please note this service is only available as a live webinar until further notice.


1 Hour "Industry-Expert" Consultation*
You've got questions, we've got answers! Our 1-hour Industry Expert consultation if your time to ask any questions you need answers to, as well as get feedback on your mobile retail business: truck design, buying, merchandising, business plan, marketing strategies, and more. Select a consultant, or contact for help selecting the right one for your specific needs. Consultant bios are available on the Consultants page, or at


Building a Brand & Creating an Effective Marketing Strategy*
 Five (5) one-on-one consultations with Stacey Jischke-Steffe, co-founder of Le Fashion Truck, includes: creating your brand, building & executing a personalized marketing plan for your business, understanding your demographic and how to reach them, writing a press release and knowing who to send it to, attracting the media & networking strategies!
FEE: $500
Interior Design and Layout Services*
Designing a store inside a truck can be tricky. Jeanine Romo, co-founder of Le Fashion Truck can design an interior layout for your store on wheels that will help maximize your space and profits. With three options, Jeanine can help any budget.  Price ranges from $285-$800, 3 options to choose from.  Email for details.

                                                   Interior Design and Layout Options

*Consulting services are conducted via GoToMeeting unless otherwise arranged. If you wish to reschedule or cancel your consulting session, you must notify American MRA via email or phone with a minimum of 24 hours for a full refund. Requests must be submitted to or 213-785-4783. Any cancellation or reschedule requests submitted less than 24 hours will not be refunded. No refunds will be issued for no shows. If you arrive late to your consulting session, you will only be allotted the remaining time. AMRA reserves the right to reschedule consulting sessions at any time for any reason. In the event of a cancellation from AMRA, a full reimbursement will be issues. Payments are processed through PayPal and payment is made to West Coast Mobile Retail Association. To schedule a service, call (213) 785-4783 or email

"The "How to Launch" webinar was amazing and extremely helpful. It gave some great insight on where to start. My team and I will definitely be in contact with future webinars and possibly 1-on1 consulting." 
- Justin, California

"It was so beneficial hearing the ins and outs of starting a mobile business from mobile business owners. It definitely gave me more confidence that I can start one on my own and love that [they] both have paved the way for a new category in the industry that helps support and promote local business."
-Molly, Florida

"I really enjoyed the webinar. It was very informative and made me feel so confident about starting a mobile retail business in the midwest!" 
- Kelsy, Missouri

"Thank you so much for the wealth of information. The webinar was super informative and so amazing! All of my questions were answered plus many, many more!" 
- Keena, New Jersey

"This information is invaluable and we appreciate you taking the time to put the webinar together to help others get their mobile stores out on the streets." 
- Lynda & Anya, California

"The webinar was very informative & super helpful!  We feel even more confident about moving forward with our business & the resources provided will be most helpful! Thanks again!" 
- Maridee & Barbra, California

"The webinar was so helpful & informative. I really appreciate the time and effort you guys put to help us set up our own mobile retail. Now I can't wait to set up my truck!" 
- Monica, California

"Thank you (and the ladies from Le Fashion Truck!) again for the seminar. It was informative and exciting and gave me lots of great ideas. Two thumbs up!"  
- Kate, Missouri

"A huge thanks to you, Stacey, and Jeanine for organizing the webinar. It was vastly informative for me and I am even more excited to get rolling (pun intended!)." 
- Jessie, New York

"The webinar covered everything you could possibly need to know about opening a mobile retail business. A huge thank you to Stacey and Jeanine for putting together a wonderful presentation!" 
- Christina

"Taking the mobile retail seminar was the smartest thing I could have done! It helped me better understand the ins and outs of the business. With all the information and questions answered in the seminar, I could really formulate a more solid, committed, profitable vision for my fledgling business."
- Brandy, California 

“Loved this! Thank you both! You are rock-star pioneers with this venture! Such a
huge help and inspiration...WE ARE ON IT!"
- Paige

“Thanks ladies! This was a great idea. You're awesome.”
- Katie, New York

“Thank you so much, you ladies rock! You are doing the darn thing. We look
forward to working with you in the future.”
- Georgette, Washington D.C.

“I’m happy I signed up for this webinar. Thanks for your excellent honest advice! I
really look forward to following the other webinar guests as they move forward.
Great idea!”
- Corrine, Washington

“Thanks for being so inspiring. Admire you both as amazing trail blazers!”
- Beth, California

“THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!! You ladies are adorable and super helpful!!”
- Sandy, California

"This was great! Thanks for all the super helpful info and I definitely recommend it to everyone." 
- Amy, California