American Mobile Retail Association (AMRA) was created by the owners of Le Fashion Truck upon the popular and quick growth of mobile boutiques in the US. Catering to both mobile retailers and their communities, the AMRA strives to:
  • unite mobile retail businesses by providing support and assistance to one another.
  • educate the public and city officials of the many benefits of mobile retail.
  • assist potential and existing mobile retailers in their business ventures. (http://www.youtube.com/americanmra)
  • work together to lift outdated restrictions on mobile retail vending.
  • collaborate with businesses for mobile retail events and fundraisers.

AMRA Code of Ethics
  • I will maintain a valid permit and/or business license while operating my Mobile Retail Truck.
  • I will maintain all necessary insurance while operating my Mobile Retail Truck.
  • I will conduct no illegal activities while operating my Mobile Retail Truck.
  • I shall follow any rules and regulations that may be promulgated by city's Fire Department, Public Works, and Public Health.
  • I will follow all local ordinances.
  • I will maintain the overall appearance of my Mobile Retail Truck— proper paint, lighting, mechanical maintenance, cleanliness.
  • I will refrain from operating my Mobile Retail Truck near any brick and mortars selling the same or similar goods or merchandise, unless invited by the same.
  • I will refrain from polluting the environment and littering the streets.
  • I will keep a garbage can on my Mobile Retail Truck at all times.
  • I will pay membership dues on time
        Interested in joining the American MRA? Visit the Membership page and fill out the online application. For questions or assistance on membership, email info@americanmra.com. For questions about opening your own mobile business, please visit our FAQ and services pages, or email us at info@americanmra.com.
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