October 10, 2018

October Webinar - Start a Fashion Truck or Mobile Retail Business


A cliff notes version of the American Mobile Retail Association's small business educational series, our live fashion truck startup webinar is hosted by the founders of one of the country's 1st store on wheels - Le Fashion Truck!

Co-owners Stacey Jischke-Steffe and Jeanine Romo started their mobile business in 2010 in Los Angeles, CA, and knows what it takes to get started on a limited budget with a focus on do-it-yourself practices. In this webinar, you'll not only receive step by step instructions on creating a mobile retail store, but you'll also receive insider tips to spare you from unnecessary mistakes and set you up for success!

American Mobile Retail Association is the original creator of the Mobile Retail Business / Fashion Truck webinar series and have assisted 1,000s of entrepreneurs since 2011. We took our original, 2-hour startup webinar "How to Launch a Mobile Retail Business" and revised it to offer a quicker, more affordable alternative for aspiring truckpreneurs. You'll learn the basics of writing a business plan, researching licenses and permits, registering your business, startup costs, monthly budget, finding the truck and converting it to a store, as well as quick tips on selecting a POS system, events and day-to-day operations!

Includes an extensive summary guide and worksheet to help you along your journey!

Date: Sunday, October 21, 2018
Time: 10am-11am PST / 1pm - 2pm EST
Fee: $45/person

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American Mobile Retail Association has been offering webinar series specific to the mobile retail industry since 2011 and is the original creator of the webinars "How to Launch a Mobile Retail Business," "How to Operate a Mobile Retail Business," and the course series "Mobile Retail Mastery."