July 9, 2018

Benefits of Purchasing a Renovated Fashion Truck

Purchasing a renovated fashion truck or mobile boutique is a great way to get into the business industry quicker while keeping startup fees at a minimum. According to our 2016 national survey, the average price to purchase a stepvan or trailer is $9,000 with an additional $9,000 invested in renovations. That is utilizing DIY practices and keeping outsourcing at a minimum. 

Not to mention, that is just the initial renovation. Once you've been in business for a few months, you will have noted some much needed renovations to your original design. You will notice flaws in your design which may obstruct the flow of traffic, or a display unit that is not bringing in any profit, or that your dressing room is too big or too small. It's very likely that in your first year of business you will have redesigned some part of your mobile boutique's interior, thus costing you more money in renovations.

One of the huge benefits of purchasing an already renovated stepvan or trailer is that it's already been tried and tested and revised and utilized! The average price for a used fashion truck or mobile boutique on our Classified's page is currently only $21,700!

Not only are you potentially saving thousands of dollars in startup fees, you're also speeding up your grand opening date from several months to just a few weeks! Take a peek at our current inventory of fashion trucks and mobile boutiques by clicking on the Classifieds tab. 

March 6, 2018

March Webinar - Start a Mobile Boutique or Fashion Truck Business!

Are you planning to start a fashion truck or mobile boutique business and need help getting started?


A cliff notes version of the American Mobile Retail Association's small business educational series, our live fashion truck startup webinar is hosted by the founders of one the country's first store on wheels - Le Fashion Truck!

Co-owners Stacey Jischke-Steffe and Jeanine Romo started their mobile business in 2010 in Los Angeles and knows what it takes to get started on a limited budget with a focus on do-it-yourself practices, because that's how they did it. And in this webinar they will spare you from making unnecessary mistakes and give you insider tips from years of experience that will set you up for success.

Our original, 2-hour startup webinar, "How to Launch a Mobile Retail Business" has been revised to offer a faster, more affordable alternative for aspiring truckpreneurs. You'll learn how to start a business plan, research licenses and permits, register your business, figure out your startup costs, create a monthly budget, find the truck, convert it to a store and quick tips on selecting a POS systems, inventory control and day-to-day operations!

Includes an extensive summary guide and worksheet to guide you along your journey!

Date: Sunday, October 22, 2017
Time: 9am-10am PDT / 1pm-2pm EDT
Fee: $45/person

Follow this link to complete your registration: https://fashiontruckwebinar.eventbrite.com

American Mobile Retail Association has been offering webinar series specific to the mobile retail industry since 2011 and is the original creator of the webinars "How to Launch a Mobile Retail Business," "How to Operate a Mobile Retail Business," and the course "Mobile Retail Mastery." We've consulted over 1,000 business owners!